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Higher education degree of graphic design in the Graphic Design school

of Penninghen / ESAG. Grade A pass.

Thesis subject:  « Landscape », composition of poems and photographs

in the subject of the Woman’s landscape. Photography and typography.

Graphic Design School of Penninghen / ESAG (Paris, France).

Olivier de Serres / ENSAAMA (Paris, France).

Visual expression and image communication.

InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Knowledgeable in Final cut and After Effect.

Science economy, Grade B Pass.

Lycée Condorcet (Paris, France).

French (mother tongue), fluent english, Spanish and Hebrew (basic level).

Horse back riding, sailing, eastern cultures, literature, cinema,

travel sketch books, travels…

University of Massachussets College of Arts, Boston, US.

Graphic editing for the education department.

Carmin Studio of Graphic design.

Atelier Valérie Rezaï Illustrations for a catalogue of SAGEM.

Pléiades Agency of graphic design.

Annual reports, B2B, newsletters, visual identity…

Exhibition catalogs, poster, kakemonos, decoration planning for exhibitions…

Magazines, artwork for music communication, posters and press books for cinema…

Press books, brochures, invitations, greeting cards, stands, artistic direction
for photography, fashion catalogs, decoration, global communication for shops…

Magazines, children books, urban sketching, poster design…

Collective exhibition at the Artists Center of Tel Aviv (Beit Haomanim) - 1 etching.

Collective exhibition at Migdalor Gallery, Jaffa - 1 etching.

Article and etching published in Ha’aretz.

Illustration week in Tel Aviv 2014

Collective exhibition of Urban Sketchers Israël in Kastiel - 18 works.

Also curator and artistic director for the exhibition of 25 artists - 250 works.

TV interview for the news on chanel 1. Article in Ha’aretz.

Smile - Individual exhibition at the French Institute of Tel Aviv - 15 posters.

The exhibition was a part of the Illustration week in Tel Aviv 2015.

TV interview on Chanel i24:  French culture mag and English Culture mag.

Articles in Mako and DesignZoom.

Illustration week in Tel Aviv 2015

Collective exhibition of Urban Sketchers Israël in Loveat café Habima - 7 works.

Illustration week in Tel Aviv 2016

Collective exhibition of Urban Sketchers Israël in Kastiel - 3 original concertinas and 1 poster.

Also curator and artistic director for the exhibition of 33 artists - 80 works.

Smile - Artistic event in Rena’s House, Tel Aviv - 15 posters.

Collective exhibition for the openning of a new hostel in Tel Aviv.

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